Thursday, March 28, 2013

The CGOA Chain Link Conference: Three Days of Crochet!!

Hello fellow crocheters! Are you planning on attending this fun crochet event? Have you ever been before? Do you know someone that has gone in the past?

I think this just sounds like a blast and a dream come true.  The post below is from the CGOA Now! Blog.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Come Join the Fun!

Hello! I’m the new kid on the board, so I’m just figuring out what the CGOA board is all about. I’m excited to be a part of helping to shape crochet in America and, more important, finding out what it is that you want to see in your CGOA, both on the shiny new website and at the Chain Link conference.

As editor of Interweave Crochet, I am all about crochet. All day, every day. How great is that? Maybe you are just as fortunate. Maybe not.

If not, I have the next best thing for you: Close your eyes. Picture yourself in a place filled with people with hooks and yarn. People who don’t ask you if you’re knitting. People whose eyes don’t glaze over when you respond that you’re crocheting. People who don’t say “Huh, an old lady down the street used to do that.” The people in this room come up, touch your sleeve, ask what crochet stitch that is, where you got the pattern, what yarn you used. They ask if you used an inline hook to get the bullions so smooth. They might ask you if you’ve seen Lily Chin or Doris Chan or Tammy Hildebrand roaming around. Because you are that kind of person -- the kind who hangs out with Lily and Doris and Tammy, just crocheting and shootin’ the breeze.

Ok, now open your eyes and fetch your calendar (go ahead -- I’ll wait). Circle these dates: July 17-21 and October 2-6. Now dial up your Google maps. Figure out how far it is from your house to Indianapolis. Now to Charlotte. Go for whichever is closest. Then sign yourself up for the Chain Link Conference. Because you deserve to be in a room filled with crocheters who love crochet.

And, really? These people are serious fun. Don’t believe me? Check this out. (And in case you missed it there at the end, watch the video that was made at the 2010 Chain Link Conference)

You’ll learn, you’ll crochet, you’ll do nothing but breathe this great craft for three full days (and, yeah, you might have to buy a commemorative hook and a skein or two of yarn, to work on in the lobby with Doris and Tammy and Lily. Because you are that kind of person.)

I look forward to seeing you there. Let’s have a coffee and crochet a motif. Can’t wait!


p.s. If you have some swatches and spare yarn lying around looking for a home, why not whip them up into a blanket? Our friends over at Crochetville are gathering blankets and donations for Project Night Night, which is seeking handmade blankets 50” x 60” or smaller. A patchwork blanket will help you clear out your stash and help a homeless child stay warm and feel loved. Win, win!

Let me know what you think!

Happy Crocheting!

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