Friday, March 8, 2013

Granny Update Crochet Blanket

I saw this pattern at and I just loved it. I didn't zoom in on it but from the picture it reminded me of a African flower motif. I ordered the yarn and printed the pattern.

When I got the yarn I saw that the blue was much brighter than it appeared in the pattern picture.

So I went ahead and made up a motif.

It doesn't look like the pattern at all. I must have made a mistake.
This pattern is an intermediate and I know why. This one little motif took me a couple of hours and the pattern calls for 98 of them! I'm not so sure I like it now. The blue needs to be darker but then I think it might look good in this bright blue. I think the motif is pretty and looks a little like a flower because it is raised on the Hexagon. So, I'm not sure if I will make this or not. I might try making a few more motifs and joining them to see how it looks or I might just make it an African Flower motif and go with that.

Happy Crocheting!


  1. That is strange, it looks flat in the picture. Hope you can sort it out because the patern is really beautiful!

  2. My suggestion: If you don't feel comfortable with a motif...don´t make a blanket. I am sure you will eventually find one that you are in love with, and you will love making dozens of it.
    Also, consider adding navy blue, which will tone done the bright blue.
    An African flower would look lovely...Cherry Heart put up a tutorial for a flower motif today whichi is lovely ...and easy too ;-)

  3. Sometimes it is frustrating to see that the colors of pictures displayed on our monitors vary from reality and from one monitor to the next.

  4. Huh. That's wild how different they look. Would blocking make a difference? Well, even if it doesn't look exactly the same, it's pretty cool-looking with that texture.

  5. Lovely motif, an dyes, it looks a flower. I'm sure the blanket will be great with 98 of them joined together :)


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