Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Crochet Owl Hat-Free Pattern

Hello all my blogger friends! I know it has been a while but...I'm still crocheting like crazy. I haven't taken pictures of everything yet but I will soon so I can show all of my new Tah Dahs!

Now...What I'm working on right now...

This cute Owl Hat. I know...I'm probably a little late getting on the Owl bandwagon but better late than never. Actually, my daughter found this pattern on Pinterest and said Emma needs one of these! How could I resist. So...I clicked on the Pinterest link which led me to a website that had a link to the free pattern. I'm am going to give you the shortcut...Here is the link directly to the pattern!

This is a great pattern from the blog Repeat Crafter Me...sizes from newborn to great, clear and easy instructions! Can you tell I'm excited??

She also has a NEW pattern... cute little Owl Granny Squares. You will love her blog so spend a little time there checking it out. Lots of good stuff to see...

So...I am almost done with the one I made for Emma and the Tah Dah will be up soon! For now...enjoy this free pattern. It works up quick and if you have little ones on your Christmas list...this can be made in a

ENJOY! the way...I couldn't resist really...this lady has got it going on...a true fashionista! Love her!



  1. Such cute hats! I have not been on the owl craze but just love all that I see out there in the blog world. Those earrings look like they hurt!

  2. That's a really cute hat - Emma will look adorable in it.

    I really don't know what to say about the fashionista lady - I just hope that earring doesn't take off her ear lobe. :)

  3. Love the owl hats ! And this woman ! What a Sstyle !

  4. Thanks for sharing the pattern. When I am done with all of my projects, hehe, i Might try it as well :) Take care! Anna


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