Monday, July 30, 2012

Pinterest Crochet Inspiration-Shawls

Some Lovely Shawls to inspire you on a Monday Morning!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tuesday's Tallies-One a Day

It's been a long time since I have posted to Gingerbread Girl's Tuesday Tallies. I just couldn't do it when I was working on the baby stuff. Some things went so fast I would have two or three items done in a week. So now I actually have something to show this week:

My Sidewalk Shawl...

I am loving the fast progress I am making on this shawl. I am participating in a CAL over at "Everything Zen" group on Ravelry.  It is hosted by Kashi and a bunch of us are making this shawl.  So far I LOVE it. The yarn (Debbie Stoller Bamboo Ewe in Mercury) is so soft and doesn't split at all. I love the color and the design is really starting so show up.

The shawl is all I'm working on for now but...I am getting antsy to start a BIG project. I think I will wait until it is a little cooler though. 

Have a great week and...

Happy Crocheting!!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Pinterest Crochet Inspiration-Crochet Scarves

A little Pinterest Inspiration! I've been thinking scarves lately. Just wishing for cooler weather. Another day for us over 100 today. Enjoy...

Source: via Eileen on Pinterest

Source: via Eileen on Pinterest

Source: via Eileen on Pinterest

Source: via Eileen on Pinterest

Source: via Eileen on Pinterest

Sunday, July 22, 2012

One Lovely Blog Award

One Lovely Blog Award

I am so honored to receive the One Lovely Blog Award from the lovely Shari at Shari's Crochet Handmade Gifts. 

Thank you Shari!

Now to share 7 things about me:

  1. Love that I am going to be a Grandma for the first time in August.
  2. Chocolate is my favorite food
  3. Love the Mountains
  4. Love to read. I am currently reading the Chaperone by Laura Moriarty
  5. Love my new car, a red KIA Rio
  6. My favorite fast food is McDonalds, I know! I think I'm addicted to the fries.
  7. My favorite place to shop is Garage sales, Antique Stores, and of course Yarn Shops!
 Here are the blogs I am nominating for the One Lovely Blog Award. If any of you don't participate in awards I completely understand. Just know that I think you have One Lovely Blog!

  1. Suz Pinner at The 8th Gem
  2. Petunia at Petunia Pill
  3. Teresa Kasner
  4. Pammy Sue at Scotty's Place
  5. Kashi at Kashi's Corner
  6. Sandy at Tea Cup Lane
  7. Michelle at The Royal Sisters
  8. Hilly Town Blue
  9. All for MeggyMoo
  10. The Lazy Hobby Hopper

Happy Crocheting!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Lost without a Crochet Project

Okay, here we go...

First of all, this last week I have been floundering...yes floundering, lost, without purpose, sporadically searching for something, anything that I can lose myself in, a crochet project that will be big enough to last more than a day!

For a few days I thought maybe I lost my mojo...I was panicking that I would never get back into my crochet groove again. This was a horrible feeling. I looked on pinterest, ravelry, your blogs, crochet magazines, and even the hundreds of patterns I have printed from my computer and are somewhat organized in protective sleeves in binders. I realized several of those are duplicates and definitely need organized by projects, big, small, potholders, granny squares, shawls, baby stuff, etc.

I looked and looked and looked and nothing grabbed me, well some things grabbed me but I didn't have the yarn needed to start or finish many of them and I CANNOT BUY MORE YARN. So, I was floundering.

Here's what happened...

I finished my angel dress and my first Just Crochet sweater and bonnet for Baby Emma, (she will be here soon, August 20th).

So...I didn't have another project lined up. I didn't want to just weave in all those ends on my Ripple and my Blues afghans. Not something I can get excited about but I was so desperate for a project I dare say I almost did it!

So I started with some small things...

My favorite easy potholder pattern, it was fun but didn't last long enough. 

Then, being inspired by Made in K Town post for Beyond the Square Motifs, I thought I would do some of those...

They were pleasing to work on but again...didn't last long enough.

So...I tried some more baby booties! Ugggh! I HATE doing baby booties. I have tried several different patterns, even bought one hoping it would be better than the freebies but oh no...I just can't do baby booties. They never come out the same size!

Either I can't be consistent with my tension or I just add a row or leave off something or one is turned wrong side out and the other is correct! Ugggh! Baby Booties Suck!! I'm feel very strongly about this as you can tell so I am going to show you all of the baby booties I have made but couldn't give to my daughter for Baby Emma.

 This is very looks like a bootie graveyard...
I'm so ashamed to show you all of my mistakes but I am curious...has anyone else had this problem with baby booties or is it just me?

Anyway...back to my mojo or lack of mojo...I had some scraps so I made these cute little granny squares and they didn't do it for me either.

So...I made a cute little flower coaster. Kind of cool but not something I wanted to do a whole set of.


Finally yesterday I put all my scraps away and cleaned off the couch and thought...What have I been putting off making because I've been so busy with baby stuff??

Ah Hah!! That's right, an Ah Hah moment!

The Sidewalk Shawl...

This has been in my queue forever!! I had even bought the 6 skeins of the Debbie Stoller yarn in the Mercury for this pattern. Why it didn't dawn on me before I don't know did the trick. Its back! That wonderful feeling of escaping in a new pattern that I have to pay attention to what I'm doing but not so difficult I can't watch TV and work on it. The yarn is lovely to work with, no splitting and so soft. It already is looking so pretty and I am excited because I will have to block it!! I know that's crazy but I've never made anything that is elegant enough to need blocking!! Woo HOO!

I think I have made it past the hump. Now I have a project that I can't wait to work on and don't want to stop. It's so good to not be lost, floundering. wandering around aimlessly. I have focus again and can get on with the rest of my life, happily knowing that waiting for me is the comfort of lovely yarn, beautiful pattern, and a soothing color anytime I want to pick it up! Ahhhh! Life is good again!

Happy Crocheting!!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Have you seen the new Yarn Bon Bons??

Aren't these the cutest little skeins of yarn you have ever seen?

From Lion Brands "The Weekly Stitch"

From Lion Brand:

Indulge in color with Bonbons, our collection of mini-skeins of yarn in 8-pack assortments. Perfect for amigurumi, craft projects, colorwork, embroidery, and embellishments, these packs are an easy way to add interest to a project or to craft with kids! Click here for patterns you can make with Bonbons.

Want to learn more? Watch a video about Bonbons.

Bonbons comes in 6 different assortments.

See all the assortments & order.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Our Colorado Vacation

Pikes Peak at Garden of the Gods
Garden of the Gods
Me at Garden of the Gods. We hiked up a trail and I thought it would be easy, only 1/2 mile. Boy, was I wrong! You can't tell in the picture but I could hardly breathe.
Garden of the Gods-Love the pine tree growing out of the rock.
My boy Adam at Garden of the Gods
Garden of the Gods-Look how big this rock is compared to the cars!
Our little cabin at Colorado Springs Timber Lodge.
Colorado Springs-the view from our cabin's front porch two hours after the Waldo Canyon Fire Started.

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