Thursday, July 5, 2012

Our Colorado Vacation

Pikes Peak at Garden of the Gods
Garden of the Gods
Me at Garden of the Gods. We hiked up a trail and I thought it would be easy, only 1/2 mile. Boy, was I wrong! You can't tell in the picture but I could hardly breathe.
Garden of the Gods-Love the pine tree growing out of the rock.
My boy Adam at Garden of the Gods
Garden of the Gods-Look how big this rock is compared to the cars!
Our little cabin at Colorado Springs Timber Lodge.
Colorado Springs-the view from our cabin's front porch two hours after the Waldo Canyon Fire Started.

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  1. Hi Dear Eileen, Your all photos seems so beautiful, You have very enjoyable time with your family..:))
    And I see that Colorado is a very sunny and sdventure state..:))
    Ohh I am planning a holiday with my daughter.. I wish we could go holiday..
    Happy times..:))

  2. Gorgeous photos and fabulous cabin.. did they get that fire out? Scary! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Nice pictures... Hope they got the fire under control over there... I have been hearing on the news that most of Colorado is burning!!

  4. Beautiful pictures. Love the cabin, must have been great. Your son is a handsome young man.

  5. When my aunt & uncle lived in Canon City, not far from there, we always visited the Garden of the Gods. Colorado is truly awesome!


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