Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Three Crochet Tah Dahs!!!

Three Crochet Tah Dahs!!

I am so excited to show you  three finished items for the new Grand Daughter...That's right

It's a GIRL!!

I know...I am so excited! How fun is that??

Anyway, soon every thing will be Pink of course but first I had to finish my neutral projects that I had already bought yarn for.

My first project is a Baby Cocoon...The yarn says it is light Mint Green but it looks blue to me. Oh well, it will be snuggly and warm for Emma Marie...Love her little name don't you?

Also, by the way, I am on vacation this week doing my Spring Cleaning...can't you tell with all the items I have finished?? Lol!
This little thing measures 24" in Diameter and 21" long. This only took me a day to finish. Super easy and fun to do.
I have organized some of my yarn in a three drawer plastic container on wheels. It was full of old scrapbooking stuff I haven't used for years...So I sorted it by trash, keep, and give away and I managed to empty the drawers to put some of my yarn in. Only some of it...I think I would need about 4 or 5 more of those for all of my yarn. I know...that's a lot of stash and I have no idea how it happened!! Lol.

Anyway...back to my lovely baby Tah Dahs!!
Here is the lovely pale yellow popcorn stitch Baby Blanket. It measures approximately 28" X 28" and  all the ends are woven in...

This little thing is so light weight and soft and snuggly, I think it will probably end up being one of my daughters faves!

Next we have the long awaited reveal of the finished super soft, super chunky, Baby Blanket Ripple...

BI like the way this turned out...I still have to finish weaving in all the ends. They are really fat so I bought a yarn threader so it will be easy to get the yarn in the eye of the needle...

I really like this one because it has pink in it and it is cushiony...perfect for putting on the floor for baby to lay on.

Where I'm hooking up this week:

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Happy Crocheting everyone!


  1. Congratulations!

    Those blankets are so snuggly and soft! Beautiful colors. =)

  2. First of all a huge Congrats to you!!! How exciting a baby girl with a very sweet name. Love all the blankets you are already spoiling that little one and she isn't even here yet!
    Have a wonderful day,

  3. What wonderful news about your grand daughter. Lovely ta dahs too.

  4. I have been on a baby cocoon kick. I know 25 people having babies or who just had babies this year! Keeping my hands busy for sure. Congrats on being a gram. Love the name Emma Marie. So sweet. The yarn on that ripple ghan is wonderful! Very jealous just now ;-)

  5. Congrats Eileen - how exciting! You've got a good headstart on spoiling little Emma Marie. :)

  6. Congratulations! Emma Marie is a pretty name. May she grow a healthy and beautiful girl.
    The projects you finished are wonderful. What can be better presents than soft and snuggly baby blankets and a comfy cocoon.

  7. All your finishes are so lovely Eileen! I specially love the yellow and ripple blanket. And congratulations on the granddaughter!!


  8. I love to make blankets out of that last yarn too. It is so soft and cuddly.

  9. you win a million grandma points! love the bit softie ripple!

  10. Congratulations. Baby girls are so fun to craft for. Love that ripple blanket.

  11. Welcome Sweet Emma Marie. God bless her.I wish her happy and healthy long years with her family. Your all crochets are wonderful. Dear Emma Marie will have a good sleep with her blankets. Congratulations dear Eileen..

  12. All your baby blankets are so beautiful.
    I especially love the yellow popcorn stitch one.
    I agree that it will be a favorite!

  13. Ta da, indeed! Those are so pretty and sweet and no doubt snuggly! Well done.

  14. I love your blankets they are gorgeous. I can't wait to start my ripple blanket:) I think I found a new person to follow:)

  15. Oooh, little girls are brilliant! Your FOs are lovely, they will be treasured and put to so much good use over the next few months.

  16. Congratulations grandma! The blankets are lovely; the little one and her Mom are sure to treasure them!

  17. Beautiful crochet work!congrats on a granddaughter! everything will be pink:)

  18. Hello.. I am your newest follower. I also crochet with a big heart. Your work is very pretty. Love the blankets. Never worked with the real chunky yarn and wonder what things would look like and I love it. Will have to try. Please come visit me if you can. Shari

  19. I saw your picture on iCrochet and it looked -exactly- like what is in my lap at the moment - and - it is! Pound of Love in yellow in the puff stitch pattern that goes with it, less the hood. NICE! :o)

    1. OMG Cecilia, how cool is that?? I can't wait to see yours all finished!

  20. Hi Ali,
    Thank you so much for offering me this reward but I will have to decline because the Liebster Blog Award is for new bloggers that have under 100 (I think) followers. Thanks for thinking of me though and I feel honored that you wanted to give it to me.
    (((Hugs))) Eileen

  21. I have been saving this post for ages to comment on as I love all these projects! I was gifted 40 skeins of yarn for my 40th bday and I got the perfect yarn to make the cocoon! Love it! Also, really like the puff stitch blanket. I made a bobble blanket and really liked working that pattern, so I'm very interested in checking this one out!

  22. Hi ! I have been looking everywhere for a pattern for that ripple blanket using the baby blanket yarn! Yours is beautiful :-) Do you have a pattern for it??


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