Thursday, April 26, 2012

Crochet for All Seasons!

How does your local seasonal weather affect your craft?

For me it really doesn't all that much. I went back through my photos for 2011, (as you can tell I love Flickr)and in Winter I finished this "Homespun Ripple"...

Homespun Ripples

Finished this Pillow in the Spring...

and this one...

New Pillows Front Close1
and this cute little "Green Blossom Dishcloth"...

Green Blossom Dishcloth

and still in Spring this "African Flower Soccer Ball", ( I noticed I crochet a lot of more items in the Spring and seem to challenge myself, i.e. this ball and the dishcloth above, very adventurous for me!).
African Flower Soccer Ball1

Then here comes June and the hot days of Summer and what do I start my new project...

Granny Stripe New Colors1

CRAZY!! :) I know... you would think I would do some of the cute "little items" like I did in the Spring...but now Summer comes and I finish my daughters "Rainbow Granny Stripe" that is a wool and acrylic blend.

Oh yes, I am a rebel...don't tell me I can't make blankets in the Summer! I'll show you...

I'll start another "Giant Granny" just because it is a CAL I couldn't resist.

Then comes Fall/Winter and what am I crocheting?   In October a baby blanket for the new grand daughter of a friend of mine at work, (little did I know I would soon find out I am getting one of those for myself)!


Then, I made some progress on my "Blues" blanket. This is a UFO for now, I thought I was done and ready for the border until I laid it out on my bed and Oooops! I was using the wrong size hook for about the last half of it so it is longer on one half than the other. I have to say this is so embarrassing. No picture of that catastrophe...I counted and counted across all the different rows and the count was the same as the beginning rows...then it dawned on me that my count was right but my hook was not. I went from a "G" hook to an "H" hook and didn't even realize until I thought it was finished! Uggggh! It still isn't frogged, I just have it sitting there staring at me thinking...."how could you be so dumb?" So I really need to finish it soon so I won't feel so dumb anymore! :)


Now... some seasonal stuff during the season it should be worn...Winter Scarves! This first one I gave to my daughter after I added some fringe. She loves it!

New Yarn

This one I gave to Goodwill during my Spring Cleaning...


and this one went to Goodwill too.


I finished up my Giant Granny CAL...

Giant Granny

and made some Christmas Stockings for the girls at work. I put little candy treats, (all chocolate of course) in them and after the treats were gone... they were perfect little ornaments to go on their tree! They were a big hit. Hmmmm...what will I do this year? I better start thinking about that one.


So...there you have it. The seasons don't seem to make much difference to me, I make what I want, when I want to. Now that's fun!Use this tag 3KCBWDAY4 to search on Google and read about other bloggers Crocheter Seasonal blog.

Happy Crocheting!


  1. Nice post today, with lots of lovely pictures to show your projects over the year - I've picked the wildcard topic for today, because somehow I thought the Season-topic would apply more to those who are making mainly clothes and accessories (which I don't). But you found a great solution, and you're right: it's always the right season for another blanket! :)

  2. You've been very productive throughout the year. Your crochet is lovely - thanks for showing.

  3. Dear Emma, What can I say.. I looked your pictures and looked them again and again. All of them are wonderful and hard works.. I like grannies and crochet pillows so so much.. your scarfs are very pretty with their warm colors.. But I ll say this again... I MUST learn ripple crochet very very soon... Yours is adorable....

  4. That's a lot of crochet! :)
    I particularly like the green blossom dishcloth - please would you tell me where I can find the pattern?
    Many thanks

  5. Love all your projects Eileen - so pretty and colorful. The seasons don't affect my crocheting either - I just do what I want to do. Have a great day. :)


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