Friday, April 6, 2012

Finished April Square Crochet-a-long

This is my square for 2012-April Food & Fiber CAL. It is called Manny Ann's Square by Kimberly Biberstein

Also...some news about my little baby cocoon...

This is crazy...I went to visit my friend Cindy in the hospital, (she has Brain Cancer), and her sister was there. I always bring my show and tell items I've made because she is a crocheter, yarn junkie, and knitter too. When I showed them the Baby Cocoon her sister said "I need some of those do you sell them?" I said "oh no I just made this one for my grand daughter." She said she would give me $25 for it. I said, "Deal". I figured I have plenty of time to make one for Baby Emma and so I ordered some more yarn in pink with the money from selling that cocoon! Pretty cool, huh! They just went nuts over that thing. Of course with that yarn, (Red Heart Buttercup Yarn) is very soft and snuggly.

Oh well...That's it for now. I have to get back to my Spring Cleaning. I'm not getting much crocheting done on my "vacation" but kitchen is shining. I even moved out the stove and refrigerator and cleaned underneath them. Yuck! Well, what can I say. Baby Emma has motivated me to have a spotless house. I was so surprised how dirty everything was in there. Now I have to keep it this way until August! Uggh! This could definitely
cut into my crocheting time. Oh well, it will be worth it!

Happy Easter Everyone!!


  1. Love the square and the blanket:)

  2. How fun you sold the cocoon. Remember your floors don't have to be spotless until she starts crawling.
    Have a great weekend and don't spend it cleaning.

  3. Nice square - and congrats on your first baby cocoon sale. :)

  4. Hi Eileen.. that's a beautiful little square and I love the baby coccoon! Thanks for yiur lovely comments about the Beautiful Blogger Blanket 2012.. maybe you will join us next year? Happy Easter, Jill x

  5. Your cocoon looks very warm and soft~ I've just learned about them recently! They seem like such a nice idea! Do you have the pattern to share? Maybe it is in your posts. I'll have to check~ Happy Easter~ ♥♥♥

  6. What a sweet baby cocoon. It looks soooooo soft and snuggly.
    May be you should make adult ones, too?!!


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