Sunday, April 29, 2012

Crafting Balance

Crocheting is the only yarn-based craft for me...

Although knitting can be tempting for different projects...I have never learned this craft. I really haven't had a need to learn.

It seems that everything I have a desire to make I can make in crochet. I have heard comparisons of the two crafts but for me, there is not comparison. Crochet has so many more stitches to learn and knitting only has a few. I like having all of the different options crocheting offers.

I read in another blog today (CrochetTime) that:
There are machines that can replicate knitting, whereas no machine can truely replicate crochet. I like to be a bit different and I’m proud of the fact that I use yarn in a way that no machine can.
 When I first learned to crochet, my MIL was teaching me when I was pregnant with my first child, twenty -seven years ago, and I struggled with it. I didn't think I could ever learn it and then three years later I bought a "Learn to Crochet" pamphlet from Leisure Arts. My first project was a ripple afghan and I loved it! I was "Hooked". I entered my ripple in the local fair and it won best in show! It even beat my MILs entry! was love at first ripple for me and I've been crocheting ever since. I had a few years that I quit crocheting for a while but I picked it up again in 2009 thanks to Lucy at Attic24. I made the Hexagon blanket and wow...that was a huge project and I've been learning new techniques and crocheting more the last three years than I have in my life. I really love it.

Well this is the last day of the 2012 Knitting and Crochet Blog week! Yay! I did it! I was able to post everyday. This has been great and now that I'm in the habit of blogging every day I really like it and I might just keep it going. It's been so fun! So, thanks for all of your great comments and following along this week.

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  1. hi eileen! good topic, i tried to learn to knit last year but i did not like so much. I love crochet best. have a good day

  2. Phew, just found you again after losing all my bookmarks after a laptop meltdown many weeks/months ago!
    I agree with you about crochet and knitting in that they are interchangeable in what you can produce, however, I have always been a knitter and only recently a crocheter and knitting holds the trophy for me. I have to say crochet is pretty addictive though, I just wish I could get my head around the more technical patterns.....
    You say that Attic24 inspired you to start again, but you should know that your lovely makes are an inspiration themselves.
    Right, off to see what I've missed the last few months!
    B xx


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