Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Stuff & Free Tree Skirt Pattern!!

Christmas is coming...

Finally, after being sick for the last week I am finally in the Christmas Spirit! I thought I would share some of my Christmas stuff around my house.

My daughter and I made this wreath a few years back for my front door...

Three Kings adoration nativity plate...
The Fifth Issue of NOEL VITRAIL. D'ARCEAU-LIMOGEs. 1979
I picked it up at a Antique store for $5!!

My Christmas tree...

and last but not least...

my beautiful Ripple Tree Skirt by SmoothFox...


  1. Your wreath is gorgeous and I just love your round ripple tree skirt. :)

  2. Eileen espero que te sientas mejor, que hermoso árbol y que lindo hacer con tus hijos los adornos para la casa tiene otro valor, la falda del árbol muy lindos colores apropiados para la ocasión te quedo barbara un cariño Sandra.

  3. Hi Eileen! So sorry to hear you got the "CRUD" that's going around. It's a nasty one and seems to hang on and on and on. I hope you feel better soon!

    It's been four weeks for me, and I do feel well most of the time, but I still have extra mucus floating around my head & lungs all the time. Gross!

    Hang in there!

  4. lovely tree skirt. as a Jehovah Witness I do not celebrate Christmas but do love your work on the skirt.


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