Monday, March 24, 2014

Bohemian Oasis Afghan...A Crochet Treat

My latest project is the Bohemian Oasis Afghan with Drops Delight! Of course this is a free pattern from Garnstudio. I have had it in my queue on Ravelry forever. 

It is such beautiful yarn and I have made many more squares but haven't take a picture. This yarn is a dream to work with. The color changes are so beautiful and each square is fun to make just watching the colors coming to life on my hook.

The pattern is really easy and a no brainer while watching TV or March Madness. I can't seem to work on my ABC baby blanket while watching basketball. It takes too much concentration!

I hope you  all have a wonder week and  Happy Crochet Month!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A New Crochet Baby Blanket (Its a challenge for me!)

A girl at work (that I didn't know crocheted), was making this darling baby blanket with Red Heart Love yarn in Navy of all the colors for a baby boy she was making a Navy colored baby blanket. was so perfect for the pattern she was using I just had to copy her! I am using a different yarn but I'm using the same Navy color in I Love This Yarn Super Soft. Are you excited yet? Okay, I'll end the suspense and show you my picture...

What do you think? I'm half way through with it and I absolutely love it. You can tell my bobble rows aren't perfect but I'm getting better as I go, (Ha! Ha!). Of course I am making this for Killian so he is family and I think the crooked rows add character!When he grows up he will know it was handmade with love by his Grammy!

So, the crooked rows are only part of the challenges in this pattern. I consider myself an intermediate crocheter so the bobbles aren't a problem, most stitches I have mastered. This pattern is nothing but counting. Ugggh! I hate counting! With my ADHD it's really tough for me to focus on counting while watching TV, pinning stuff on Pinterest, and texting! So I never would have picked this pattern. It is done with a graph and little tiny squares that I have to count too. But when I saw my friend making this I thought the pattern was done with granny squares stitched together but nooooo, it is all one piece. I really like that about it. Not a lot of ends to work in.  I had to print the graph on a clear transparency and turn it over because I do the bobbles from the back side. I don't know if this is making any sense to you. Maybe I should do a tutorial on it!!?? Let me know if you are interested in a picture or video tutorial of the pattern. Maybe we could do a crochet-a-long!

The Pattern is copyright by Caron International. It is posted with permission at Crochet 'N' More.

The pattern is also on Ravelry.

Happy Crocheting!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Owl Hat for My New Grandson

Yes...another Owl Hat but my daughter and son-in-law absolutely love them!! So funny...I've really become quite good at making them...Ha! Ha!


The pattern is here from Repeat Crafter Me

We welcomed Killian James into the world on January 11, 2014.

I am hooking up at the Moogly Link Party!