Monday, March 24, 2014

Bohemian Oasis Afghan...A Crochet Treat

My latest project is the Bohemian Oasis Afghan with Drops Delight! Of course this is a free pattern from Garnstudio. I have had it in my queue on Ravelry forever. 

It is such beautiful yarn and I have made many more squares but haven't take a picture. This yarn is a dream to work with. The color changes are so beautiful and each square is fun to make just watching the colors coming to life on my hook.

The pattern is really easy and a no brainer while watching TV or March Madness. I can't seem to work on my ABC baby blanket while watching basketball. It takes too much concentration!

I hope you  all have a wonder week and  Happy Crochet Month!!


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  2. I like the colors! My favorite :) I am making a blanket with purple and turqioise green and milk coffee yarn - Indian brand, I love it!
    All the best with your blankie progress! Have a nice day!

  3. Your squares look lovely. I have been wanting to use a beautiful soft wool, alpaca, or a blend of some sort for crochet for awhile. So far, I have only used acrylic for all of my crocheted items. Your squares are a great inspiration to me.

  4. It's a lovely motif, I'm sure the final piece will be beautiful!

  5. Hi, many thanks for sharing your crochet projects. I have only just learned how to crochet, so not at the stage where I can look up from my work to watch TV... but maybe one day I will be practiced enough to multi-task... Crochet and TV at the same time, now wouldn't that be good!
    Best wishes, Jay The Sewing Wren

  6. beautiful colors and a pretty motif. Now I think I'm going to have to make this blanket with this gorgeous yarn.

  7. oh such pretty colors and motif. I think I will now have to make me this blanket, it's beautiful


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