Friday, January 4, 2013

Progress on my Cardigan

So far the Cardigan pattern is a dream. Super easy and I'm making great progress. I am getting excited to wear this someday.

Here is the pattern for the Chevron Lace Cardigan

Cute isn't it? I really do love the yarn from Hobby Lobby and the color.

There is just one little problem...too small! Ugggghhh! So I will be frogging it back to before the sides begin.

Oh well...

it is a really cool pattern though so...

I will have another update next week. Have a great weekend!

Happy Crocheting!!


  1. Eileen, I am working on mine, too. I linked to your blog yesterday about the pattern. I am running gout of yarn so mine will be more of a cardi shrug, with cap sleeves, but my next one will have longer sleeves, you know there will be a next one.....

  2. Hi, Eileen!Oh wow, what a progress n cardigan indeed! By the way, will you have to add some kind of border later?
    Hope you will come up with the necessary size soon. Looking forward to see your first cardigan:)

  3. Lovely pattern! I had found this pattern a while back and added to my "stash". Heaven knows when I'll ever get the chance to try it!
    Good job!!

  4. Good job on the Cardigan. I love the color

  5. Hi Eileen...I lost your blog and now I found you again! So happy for I love looking at all your beautiful work!


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