Sunday, January 1, 2012

Popular Posts for 2011

I started my blog in February of 2011. Can you believe I have had 52, 678 page views! Wow...that is so exciting. 

Here are my most popular posts for 2011!
(If you want to read the entire post just click on the link. )

#8 with 225 views - Giant Granny 33 Rows

#7 with 254 views -  Crochet Baby Blanket

#4 with 372 views - Granny Stripe Progress

#2 with 1,420 views -  Crochet Japanese Flower

#1 with 1,745 views - Japanese Flower

It looks like it was the year of the "Japanese Flowers" for 2011. I think #1 will be a tough one to beat next year. I wonder what 2012 will be the year of...???


  1. Eileen, Happy 2012! I think the favorite blog post on my blog was the Japanese Flower How to, I think it still gets visitors. So glad you are blogging and we all get to see your beautiful creations.
    Hugs to you,

  2. These are all wonderful. I like crochet very much and I am trying to learn so many things from your blog. I know you ll be so good crochets in 2012 too. Best wishes...

  3. Eileen FELIZ AÑO NUEVO !!que buenos trabajos te felicito y también por tus visitas es muy gratificante y te lo mereces tus trabajos invitan a trabajar siempre un beso grande y que sean muchos proyectos mas Sandra.


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