Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Peak at My Crochet Books

A peak inside some of my new Crochet books...

Annie's Attic Chemo Caps & Wraps is a beautifully photographed book with cancer survivors and surviving family members as models. 

The patterns are for caps and shawls/wraps, etc. None of them are plain or super easy. Each one is a very classy project that anyone would love to own. These projects would also make great gifts for friends and family.

Edie Eckman's The Crochet Answer Book is a must have book for anyone that crochets. From the novice to the expert, this book does have all the answers.

There aren't any pretty pictures to look at but lots of diagrams to show you exactly what she is talking about. It's small and compact to fit in your project bag to take with you anywhere as a reference. I highly recommend this book!

Another book by Edie Eckman called Around the Corner Crochet Borders.

Now this one has beautiful photograph and colors. Each one has a written pattern and a chart pattern to follow. There are also a few tips on choosing the right size border for your project. I will never have to worry about what border to add on any of my afghans. This book has everything from wide lacy, elaborate patterns to small, simple borders. She also discusses color choices and the difference it can make when you use them in borders. This book is Amazing!

Okay, I have to be honest...I only bought this book for one pattern. The Bobble Zig Zag ripple that Astri from Apple Blossom Dreams
I looked everywhere and couldn't fine a pattern that I liked as well so I had to buy the book.

 200 Ripple Stitch Patterns by Jan Eaton

Now this book has both knit and crochet ripple stitch patterns. When I first heard about this book I though there can't be that many different ways to do a ripple. Boy, was I wrong. This will be a book I will use often. I love doing ripples and there are so many different ones that I will never be board. Some are vintage looking and some are the soft wave ripple or even a super sharp pointy ripple but my favorite is still the Bobble Zig Zag ripple and I can't wait to make it. If you knit and crochet this book is all the better for you.  I don't knit and have no desire to learn but I would recommend it to those of us that love to do afghans and such.

That's it for today. I hope this was helpful to some of you thinking of buying any of these books. Hopefully I will have pictures up of my projects sometime this weekend. 

Happy Crocheting!


  1. There's so many books out there that I'd like to buy. Alas, my purse won't let me. These look good though xxx

  2. Very interesting !
    You must have a lot of project now...

  3. I have the Around the Corner Crochet Borders one and love it having already used a few of the borders to finish several crochet projects. There's another very good one by the same person "Beyond the Square Crochet Motifs" which is equally good.

  4. I love the hats and wrap book; I am dying to get into the book and do a project. I want to do the shell shawl just because it's beautiful and the recipient will have something to keep them warm during treatment and have something to wear to places.

  5. Bobble zig zag...YES! I LOVE THAT BLANKET! I have to admit, I have purchased books for just ONE pattern...but always found many things within that grew on me as the book grew on me! The crochet borders book...I need to check that out! I think I need it. Darn! Mother's Day has passed! LOL I might have to spring for it myself! Hugs, Annette

    1. Hi Petunia, I ordered mine from the "used" books section of Amazon for only $9.99. It was like new when I received it. Just an idea to save some $$! :)

  6. Boy are you going to have a great time. I have the border book, it is wonderful.

  7. I really need that book.. Crochet Borders!! I am always looking for the perfect border for blankets.. I was thinking about going to our local book store "Books-A-Million" and I hope I find this one!!


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