Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Flying W Ranch Burned to the ground

This was taken at the Flying W Ranch Friday, June 22, 2012. We didn't know this would be the last dinner and show they would perform before the entire ranch burned on Tuesday, June 26, 2012. I am so sad and sending lots of prayers to the owners and all the families affected by the Waldo Canyon Fire.
— in Colorado Springs, CO. They need lots of prayers in Colorado right now!


  1. So sad! Living in the midwest, we have never had to deal with this sort of a tragedy; I can only immagine the heartache and sorrow these mass fires cause. Our prayers are with those affected.

  2. How sad, my thoughts are with everyone missing that wonderful place.

  3. Aww.. I'm sorry to hear that. I've watched with horror the fires burning there. I just hope that they can rebuild and maybe it will be even better? ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. That's so sad; my husband's business burned down recently and I know how tough that can be. Praying for strength for the people affected and a speedy rebuild.


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