Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Your favorite Online or LYS Yarn is...

The results are in...



Your favorite Online or LYS Yarn is...

Deramore's has the beautiful colors of acrylic "Stylecraft DK" which is one of Lucy's of Attic24 faves.


  7 (41%)

  1 (5%)

  9 (52%)

Jimmy Beans                                     
  1 (5%)

Premier Yarns                                   
  1 (5%)

Annies Attic                                      
  1 (5%)

Mary Maxim                                     
  1 (5%)

Drops by Garnstudio                         
  2 (11%)
  1 (5%)

   Thank you all for participating in this interesting Poll.  I learned a lot and will certainly try KnitPicks now. I have used Deramore's and they had great customer service.

Happy Crocheting!


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  2. What a fun poll.. I love them all! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. I must be "in a box" kind of girl as I guiltily admit to never trying any of these yarns. I must "get out" more!! :)

  4. Thanks for commenting about the contest. I know you can do this CAL. Heather's patterns are so well-written that you will just breeze right through it.

    I wish I could order yarn from Deramores. They do ship to the U.S. but it's terribly expensive.


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