Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Your Favorite Medium Weight Yarn, (worsted, afghan, aran) Is...

You voted...
You have spoken...
You have been heard...
The winner is...
That's right folks and here is the breakdown of all the votes...

Red Heart
  12 (41%)
LB Vanna's Choice
  8 (27%)
I Love This Yarn
  6 (20%)
Peaches & Cream or Sugar & Cream
  3 (10%)
Caron Simply Soft
  8 (27%)
Patons Classic Wool
  2 (6%)

 Do these results surprise you? They did me.

New Poll coming tomorrow, (or later today if I can squeeze it in during my lunch hour) :) Which online, LYS (local yarn shop--not box store) Yarn is your favorite? Be sure to check back and see what I've been up to. Big (((HUGS))) to all of you my dear blogger friends.

Happy Crocheting!


  1. Good morning! I love red heart. I just brought two colors last night.

  2. Yes, I'm surprised - most people talk down about RHSS. :)

  3. I knew it! I use Red heart all the time. It wears like Iron, it becomes very soft after washing!

  4. Yeah, no yarn snob here. I use Red Heart Super Saver all the time. Oh, and thanks for following me on Pinterest.

    Renee :)

  5. I don't crochet myself, but I was not at all surprised. My mom-in-law uses Red Heart for everything from dolls to potholders to afghans.


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