Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Granny Stripe -Progress

Now that I have finished the baby blanket, I am moving back to my Granny Stripe in Blues, Greens, and Yellows. I am anxious to finish this one. It's so pretty with the summery colors and will get good use this winter. I just wish I could remember what size hook I was using...LOL! Do any of you ever do that? Set a project aside and when you go back to it you can't remember which hook you were using? I should document everything. Hey, maybe I put it on my Ravelry page. I'll go check that out now. No such luck. Oh well, I'll figure it out!  I'll keep you posted on my progress!
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  1. I just discovered your blog. I follow you from now on. Beautiful projects.

  2. That's a beautiful blanket, I really like the colours you're using.

  3. Oh how pretty! Love those colors! Red Heart has a varigated color out that is blue, yellow and white. I've made a few things with it already. It's a nice color combo!
    I forget which hook I use on projects too:) But I found 2 ideas to help that over the years. I bought a zillion hook sets, so I can leave my hook with the project when it gets put aside. Or, when I take pictures of the project, I make sure the hook is in the pic so I can see it later :)

    Happy Crocheting!!!

  4. Your granny stripe is looking so nice. :)

    A little trick to keep track of your hook size you are using: get some safety pins and some letter beads - insert the letter you are using on the safety pin and pin to your project.

  5. It was suggested to me to use the little plastic tabs on bread bags. Write your hook size on it, and hook it through your loop. It keeps your stitch and hook size all in one. ;-)

  6. Hi Eileen, this is looking great. I love the colors. I hate when I put a project down and then I am never sure if I used a G or H hook (my two usual hooks). Sometimes now I take a photo of the work in progress and put the hook in the photo in case I forget. I can't wait to see the finished photo!
    xo Susan

  7. Thanks for all the great tips ladies!!

  8. this is soooooooooooo pretty!!!
    I did a drawing recently with these colors and just l♥ve them! :)

  9. I love, love, love your colours! I'm about to start my first ever granny blanket for my sister-in-law's Christmas present (hope I have enough time!!) and she chose the colours which I'm not really in love with ... but she has to live with it, not me!

    I usually only have one crochet project on the go at once, so I haven't had your hook problem yet, but it's made me think ... I may be crocheting some granny square cushion covers for another Christmas present and this could easily happen to me too. The suggestions you've got are great.

    How big is your finished blanket going to be?

  10. It's gorgeous. Love the colours.

  11. It's very pretty. I love the colors you have chosen for the blanket.


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