Friday, February 13, 2015

An Earthtone Blanket-Tah Dah!!

I made this Earthtone Blanket for my daughter and she loves it. Lion Brand Wool-Ease in Mushroom, Oatmeal and White-Multi. I'm not sure how much but it was A LOT!! :)

The stitch is known by several names, Moss Stitch, Woven Stitch, etc. It's a single crochet and chain, then the next row you single crochet in the chain space and chain one. Easy Peasy!!

It's wooly and warm. I love the dense fabric.

More projects coming soon...I'm playing catch-up on my blog.

Happy Crocheting!


  1. Beautiful love the colors. We'll done

  2. Eileen, you have been missed. I hope you are well. Love the blanket, perfect colors.

  3. It's lovely, love the blend of colours. :)

  4. This is a beautiful blanket. I love your color choice too. I just finished one similar to yours but mine is done in colors of used brick. I used our used brick fireplace for my yarn sample and had a ball at Hobby Lobby! It's definitely a yarn hog, but it sure makes a lovely and warm blanket. Mine is 6' long by 5.5' wide (I made it large enough for my husband and he loves it). It's a fast blanket, works up quickly and it's definitely a "no-brain-er" -- crochet and watch TV or even visit with friends and family.
    What colors did you use? Yarn type?
    Thanks for sharing your lovely blanket. I showed my hubby and he thinks it's beautiful and truly likes the colors you used.
    Bobbie :)

  5. This is a beauty! Nicely done.

  6. Really love the color. Look so warm.

  7. Hello! Im Irene! I love crocheting! I have a blog too! i hope you will visit it as well! Nice to meet you! see you soon!!!

  8. So pretty and easy to make too - the perfect project!! Thanks so much...

  9. It is beautiful!!! I just finished my son and his bride an afghan yesterday. Mailing it tomorrow. It is royal blue, turquoise and white. My pattern was 2 double crochet, chain 2 and single crochet in the same hole. Then skip 2 chains and repeat. Easy too~ I love your pattern!!!

  10. This is a beautiful blanket! It looks nice and warm.


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