Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Knitting or Tunisian Crochet?

I tried my hand at Knitting. It was a very interesting experiment. I have never tried before or even had a desire to learn but I thought "why not?" So, I went to Hobby Lobby and spent $5 for a pair of bamboo knitting needles, size 7 was needed for my Lily Sugar'n Cream yarn. I watched a you tube video on how to "cast on" and couldn't quite get the hang of it so I watched another video and yet another video and finally found one I was comfortable with. Who knew there were so many ways to "cast on"?

Once I learned that step, it was pretty easy to pick up the "knit" stitch. I only did a little swatch at first, 10 stitches and 10 rows. It was pretty simple and I thought I should have tried this sooner! Then I had to watch another video on how to "cast off". It was a little tricky but not bad so I decided to make a dish cloth.

Well, everything was going fine but my arms were getting really tired. I was watching TV so I made some mistakes and didn't know how to fix them, (you know, like in crochet when you make a mistake you just rip out a few stitches and do them again), with Knitting you can't do that because you are transferring stitches from one needle to the other. Anyway, below is a picture of my dish cloth. Please don't laugh...oh go ahead and is pretty funny!

I think I must have dropped a few... several stitches along the way and maybe picked up one or two!!

Oh well, I gave it a try. This is all I got done in two days!! So, in conclusion, I picked up my ABC blanket and was so happy and relaxed with it I decided that Knitting may not be my thing. 

I watched a couple of videos yesterday on Tunisian crochet and I absolutely LOVE it!! It was easy to do and I learned several of the different stitches in a short amount of time. So...I will make another dish cloth with the Tunisian crochet technique and let you know how it goes. So...stay tuned...

Happy Crocheting!


  1. I learned knitting and crochet at the same time. I can only knit well enough to make a dishcloth for many of the reasons you mentioned. It just drives me nuts that when I make a mistake it is so complicated to fix it.

    I have the Annie's DVD's on Tunsanian and I promise myself I am going to learn because I think if done with a hook I can master the technique.

  2. Knitting might not be your thing but I think you should give it another chance. You just have to teach your fingers to do it and pretty soon they will get the hang of it and off ou will go. I love to knit and crochet, you can do both!

  3. I do enjoy how easy it is to fix mistakes in crochet. I almost never knit anymore.

  4. i am new to crochet and am still trying to teach myself. i tried tunisian and really enjoyed it so i would like to try again and maybe actually make something. it just seemed fun and quick.

  5. Love Tunisian Crochet. For a knitter, it's a good way to transition to crochet.
    For a crocheter, you can get a knit look too.
    Totally agree with the rip back and redo "win" of crochet.

  6. I hate to knit but love Tunisian crochet in fact I have been doing mostly Tunisian for the last couple of years, got hooked on making picture blankets

  7. I have tried to learn to knit but I just cant seem to adapt to two needles instead on one.


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