Monday, February 4, 2013

Stash-buster Challenge 2013

I have joined the 

Below are the rules from Linda's blog...

  Leave a comment on here or on Ana’s blog if you want to join in. 

Copy the challenge photo to your side bar and link it back to this or Ana's post.
Show a picture of your stash or part of the stash you want to use up next.

Once it's all used up show us the stash busting project/projects you have managed to make with it,    (tell us about them and add a pattern link if you like)

Reveal the next bit of stash you want to use next and so on… see so easy.

I will write a summary at the end of each month to say how each of us has done and may show your pictures on here (please let me know if you would prefer me not to do this)

We can encourage each other and make suggestions along the way as to how we can use our stash and what to do with the things we make.

Remember this is just for fun and there is absolutely no pressure whatsoever, if however you want to do a bit of serious stash busting why not weigh your projects, I can keep a count of all totals and reveal just how many grams of yarn you have managed to use each month and you will have a grand total by the end of the year.

If you decide to join the challenge we will visit your blog, follow, and then add you to the side bar of our blog, we can then see what you have posted about the challenge.
By following our blog and adding us to your side bar you will be able to see all the latest posts about the challenge as they happen.
Visit back often to see what fellow stash-busters are up to.

So I better get busy stash-busting, I have quite a lot of stash to "Bust".

Have a great week and Happy Crocheting!



  1. Welcome to the challenge Eileen, looking forward to seeing your stash buster projects :)

  2. Hi, Eileen! All the best with stash busting :) I see that many of my friends have already began it successfully!


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