Friday, October 12, 2012

Any Plans for I Love Yarn Day??

Source: via Tia on Pinterest


  1. Oooops, hang head in shame, I didn't even know about this. I have from my mum-in-law been given a of those weekly thingies....and the wool and pins to go with it to make a Shaker Style blanket which is made up of knitted squares. Now crocheting is my first love but today I shall do a couple of these squares. They originally belonged to hubbies aunt who passed away not too long ago and mum-in-law wanted to finish it in memory of her but mum-in-law has broken her arm so I've got the job to finish and then I get to keep the blanket! x

  2. Now why didn't I know about Yarn Day? Shame on me and the day is almost over. I will have to mark this on the calendar for next year! Have a great weekend, Shari.

  3. I missed I Love Yarn Day?? Darn it! ;)


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