Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Halos of Hope-Caps & Shawls for Cancer Patients

I have found an organization that will accept caps and shawls for Cancer Patients. If you are interested in donating something  you can find out more information at Halos of Hope.

Below are some guidelines for their Caps:

Cap Guidelines

  • Handmade
  • New, unworn
  • Washable (preferred)
  • “Soft” means comfort to a bald head
  • Cottons are an excellent choice.
  • If the cap contains any wool, please label the cap; some people have wool sensitivity.
  • Hats made with thinner yarns and fabrics are ideal for summer.
  • Fleece, heavier yarns and fabrics are great for late fall and winter.
  • Scarves and turbans are also needed. Cotton knits are an excellent choice.
  • Sleep caps are also needed. Best when seamless or soft-seamed, and made from thinner, lightweight yarns or lightweight fabrics.

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  1. dear eileen thanks for your comments on my japanese bag... looking forward for more hooking


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