Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tah Dah! Giant Granny is Finished!!!

Tah Dah!! Here it is...Giant Granny is finished. 

Yes, it has been fun but...whoo...what a relief it is finally done. 

I finished the border last night and I LOVE it!!

It is the perfect size for snuggling under on the cold snowy nights we have ahead. My son doesn't usually say much about my crochet but...he told me, "Mom, you don't give yourself enough credit. This is nice craftsmanship." Isn't he so sweet? He is 26 years old and still, "My Boy".

Now...on to my next WIP. 
I started this in January. It is for my daughter, as soon as she saw it she loved it and I told her she could have it when it was finished. Well...it's time to finish it. 
My Rainbow Granny Stripe blanket!

 Isn't it so bright and cheery? I love the yarn, it is Plymouth Encore DK 75% Acrylic and 25% Wool so it will wash up beautifully!
I just have a few more rows and the border of course. I hope to have this one done over the weekend.

And just for fun...Check out these darling Turkey Coasters! This is a free pattern at CraftPassion

I hope all of you have a Happy, Happy, Thanksgiving!

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  1. So beautiful works, I like it!!
    Hugs Crissi

  2. Great job ! Your giant granny is superb !
    The turkey coaters are really cute !

  3. This is all so lovely but those Turkey Coasters have just made their way onto my Christmas make list, they are hilarious! Thank you so much for sharing the link!

  4. Hi!
    Awesome blankets! Love them all, the colors are beautiful! Those Turkey Coasters are so pretty. Have a great day!

    Food for Thought

  5. WOW...Eileen, your Giant Granny is absolutly beautiful and i love the border!!!Great Work!!!
    Send you many Greetings,

  6. Your giant granny came out so nice - the border looks great.

    Thanks for sharing the link for the turkey coasters - they're so cute. :)

  7. Hola Eileen que bonita quedo tu manta, tentadora para abrazar, la que haces para tu hija es muy alegre y lindos colores, ahora esos pavitos que tiernos y tentadores para tejer te mando un beso Sandra.

  8. I love this giant granny awesome and the granny stripe is goreous. Your boy is right give yourself more credit they are wonderful. I love the turkey coasters, we don't have thanksgiving in aus but very cute. xx

  9. Your giant granny is great, your son is obviously a very astute young man! How exciting to be nearly there with your rainbow stripe too....look forward to see in it done.

    Love the turkey coasters, they are amazing....I am definitely going to make them!

    Have a great week!

  10. Two beautiful blankets... great work! I especially love Giant granny's border.....:)x

  11. Ooh all that colour, gorgeous. The giant granny square looks wonderful and I can see why your stripes is in demand, the colours are so bright and cheery. The turkey coasters made me smile,they might become the only turkey we have with our yule lunch lol.

  12. Well done..fab work and he is right
    I'm still working on my giant granny and it's for my 27years old son, he didn't like the 'hole' decoration in the first one so l had to start again lol...love him!
    The stars (all sizes) are real fun to make

  13. The granny square is beautiful. The border is a lovely finish. Those coasters are brilliant :)

  14. Gorgeous blankets and I love the coasters! Judy x

  15. Que lindos seus trabalhos. Embora na minha cidade não faça tanto frio, copiei alguma coisa e vou fazer em barbante.

  16. hi eileen, i hope you had a good thanksgiving.. you granny square is perfect and i love the that turkey! so cute...! have a very nice day! jee.


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