Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Square a Day in May #10

A Square a Day in May #10, originally uploaded by EMCphotos.

Oops! I got confused and posted my 11th square this morning. Sorry for any confusion. :) This one is my favorite so far. I will be making this one again. I loved the circle in the middle and am going to make potholders from it! It was a fun one to make and I got lucky on my color selection and it came out pretty good. It reminds me of the Mandala's I've seen on flickr!

My tenth square for the Square a Day crochet a long from Hooked On Handmade.
Pattern is Framed Flower


  1. I found this square a bit difficult to understand yours came out lovely in your colors.

  2. This is really REALLY beautiful. Nice work. I'm with Ghost. I wasn't keen on the directions. But I am finding this project helpful for many reasons but I think the main one is that I'm learning to read directions written in many different styles. Which is very important! I'd like to do the Masters Crochet program through the Crochet Guild of America later this year or early next and following directions is key. (and it's my biggest downfall in crochet... *grumble grumble*)

  3. Hi Eileen!

    Your new lay-out/theme is so pretty! Loe your choice of colors! And all your squares are so lovely!


  4. I really love the colors! I agree with you on the heart pattern for the next day. It was a bit difficult but I've never read a chart. I think that's not on my list to learn! Beautiful blog.


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