Monday, March 21, 2011

Crochet Grannys

Grannys1, originally uploaded by EMCphotos.

I'm not sure what these little squares will grow up to be...maybe a cushion/pillow, maybe an afghan, maybe a stack of squares that will be in my crochet bag along with the african flowers, japanese flowers, hexagons, etc. Who knows?? Who Cares?? They were just so fun to make and take a photo of that I am completely satisfied wherever they end up...

Please visit the link party at Sarahndipities. Ton's of cool, inspiring stuff!


  1. Love the colors ! Spring is in the air...

  2. I love them, they made me smile just to see them!

  3. The colours are so pretty,lovely to have and look at :)

  4. The colors are so pretty! It's very inspiring to see your granny squares. I'm in the process of making more flowers :-)

  5. Thank you ladies for the kind comments on my little Grannys.

    Anna-yes, Spring is finally in the air! I am so ready.

    Kerrie-I'm so glad they made you smile! Keep smiling! :)

    Pattas-Those colors are my favorite right now.

    Toni-Actually, I made the squares on a whim, (trying to avoid working on my African Violet-HEX ball. I'm scared of it! I'm afraid it won't turn our right because geometry wasn't my strong suit and it's been soooooo many years!! :)

  6. These are too beautiful just to sit in your bag!! You have to turn them into something.

    Thank you for the stylish blogger award you gave me! I'm honored. :)

  7. Beautiful and bright Eileen... Kerrie is right, they do make you smile just looking at them.. :))


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